Welcome you to our tennis page. We would like to take this opportunity to show you our philosophy and vision for CP Tennis.

Our vision is to develop and train professional competition players at our academy here in Minsk, Belarus. We believe that to reach your potential as the  best player that you can be, needs an individualised approach to coaching and training. Therefore, we are offering a maximum of 16 places in our programme

We have created a high performance environment model where players feel part of a team and work together to push each other’s standards as high as possible. This environment is one of positivity, a can-do approach which centres around a culture of leadership with the right people and performance enablers, which will directly lead to performance outcome.

Our philosophy is to provide a platform for long term player development based around the four pillars of technical, tactical, physical and mental training with each player having their own programme based around modern periodisation practices and individual planning. Training will be purposeful, structured and based around a players own game styles with a view to developing their game for the future.

As a working academy, we have the correct facilities to foster development of professional players. We have indoor hard courts and outdoor hard and clay. There is access to gym and swimming facilities for training purposes and an area for lectures and meetings.

We believe that players must demonstrate our values of being prepared, always on time, have a high work ethic, give 100% effort;  have energy and passion;  good body language and attitude and being coachable, all with consistency on a daily basis.

We also offer access for players to come to the academy to work on a short term basis to supplement their existing programmes.

For full details and further information please complete the contact form.