As stated on the pages What is, Our vision – we are not an ordinary academy. Therefore, before you compare us and our prices with other academies, we would like to remind you that the cost in academies, as a rule, does not significantly depend on the age of the player, some offer different programs for different ages, but the essence is always the same – academies are like usually offer a “packaged” service for a specific group of players aged 10,12,14 and 16. Why? Because there is a more massive target audience, standard ready-made training methods, and also because from the age of 16-18, either you become a tour player or go to university or stop seriously training (playing tennis professionally). How can a player approaching the level of the highest sportsmanship at the age of 15-16 train in the mode “so many hours a day of this, and so many hours a week of this and that”? Here you need an individual approach that costs very different money, changes that need to be made in the course of preparation, on a weekly or even daily basis. Therefore, we ask you to remember that the cost we are talking about is not the cost of the “program” or “hours” on the court, fitness, but the cost of your preparation and support as your personal sports team.

We think that you will be curious to read a number of materials prepared by Reuters on the cost of academies for a better orientation: $62,000 to train like Rafa? Factbox: The cost of tennis academies. Professional Tennis Player.

If you study the issue in more detail, then in general you will come to the following understanding of the issue – that there are only 4 components of the price offered by tennis academies – accommodation, meals, tennis program, schooling. It is always additionally offered what is the key to the success of a tournament player – individual coaching, personal trainer, personal training program, mental, tactical and strategic training, preparation and holding of a series of tournaments (tournament support).

Our offer is customizable according to your preferences and your budget. If you want to spend the maximum on tennis and pay the minimum for other expenses, then only our academy is able to do this. As we said before, being located right in the capital provides many options and the utmost flexibility in budgeting for non-tennis expenses.

If the player is a minor (15-18 years old), then we conclude a special agreement with the parents on how their children stay under our responsibility and provide full care, supervision and control over the children.

1. Accommodation – within walking distance from the courts, we will provide you with several accommodation options, ranging from a room in shared apartments for 100 euros per month, fully equipped apartments from 300 euros per month, 3 * hotel, 5 * hotel and villas, which will cost a little cheaper than in Europe. The recommended budget is € 5,000 per year for accommodation. Minors must live with a minimum budget in a room in a shared apartment of our “campus” under the supervision of a qualified employee of the academy, it is possible to live in a family (with immersion in local life and learning Russian or Belarusian).

2. Meals – breakfast usually depends on the type of accommodation chosen. Lunch and dinner can be individual in a number of restaurants within walking distance from the courts, group in the restaurant of our “campus” or personal. The maximum reasonable cost of food per year is in the order of 6000-7000 euros per year. Minimum (self-catering at home) – 4000 euros per year.

3. School. This is applicable for minors. We recommend the online training offered in your home country, as this will incur additional costs. Our “campus” offers a number of international educational institutions that teach foreigners in English, for example QSI . Studying at the university is also possible remotely (online). This is the most expensive item of expenditure and is specific to each individual, so please let us discuss this individually (contact form).

4. Tennis. We offer an unlimited all inclusive flat fee for full-time players upon signing a contract for a year – 18,000 euros per year. You can come for a trial period for free at any time.

In total, the annual minimum cost all-inclusive (excluding school / university) is 27,000 euros per year for a full service of an all-inclusive sports team with a personal trainer. With a full prepayment in advance for the year, a discount is provided and an additional discount is provided if the contract is for a group (from 3 players).