It makes sense for you to read this page after you have familiarized yourself with the pages What is, Our vision, Price. Is cheaper! and Why Belarus, because at them we give you an idea of ​​how our offer differs from others. Have you read it? Then let’s move on:

As we said earlier, the typical program of a typical tennis academy is designed for a certain age and many people write phrases like “programs are suitable for children, juniors, professionals, as well as for amateurs” and “we have a program that is tailored exactly to the needs of tennis players “.
Accordingly, choosing a program, you get so many hours per week individually with a coach, so many with someone in a pair, so many four on the court, there is still time with sparing and, of course, some time for fitness. Somewhere else there are programs that include analysis of matches, tests, accompaniment to a tournament, relaxation in the pool. Someone suggests paying extra for extra hours, for preparing for the tournament. There are options to get an elite coach for extra money.
All this has little to do with the preparation of a tournament player. Because preparing a tournament player is ALWAYS an individual program and ALWAYS with an elite coach. And it can only be compiled when YOUR coach has studied his player for a week or two. And the program actually represents their development plan, which is being implemented for months and years. By the way, it is quite possible that a competent plan can be implemented by different coaches. Without a plan, it’s like being treated yourself and going to pharmacies to buy medicines, instead of a doctor making a diagnosis and prescribing a treatment procedure.

OUR PROGRAM AND OFFER TO YOU – a program to prepare you as a UNLIMITED tournament player. Rather, as much as you need and what exactly you need. More details:

  1. You will always have a personal elite trainer. UNLIMITED
  2. You will play on the court as much as necessary. UNLIMITED
  3. You will have as many sparring and hitting partners as you need. UNLIMITED
  4. Your fitness, physical conditioning, will be unlimited within the framework of the plan drawn up by the trainer, as much as you need, what you need and when you need it. UNLIMITED
  5. Your relaxation, massage, swimming pool, sauna, physiotherapy – part of the preparation plan, as much as needed, what is needed and when needed. UNLIMITED
  6. An essential part of the preparation of a tournament player is tactics, strategy, psychology, psychology of a duel, “lead-in” to the tournament series. As much as necessary, what is needed and when it is needed UNLIMITED
  7. Your coach travels with you to tournaments, writes matches, analyzes it with you. As much as you need, what you need and when you need it. UNLIMITED
  8. You get the full service of your own sports team. As much as necessary, what is needed and when it is needed UNLIMITED
  9. And that is why we offer you a trial period for free – both you and we need to determine what exactly your training and development plan will be, what program you will work on and what.

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