Player Charter

CP Tennis represent the Tournament Team as a model for players to follow a pathway to reach the Pro Tour level or support Pros in their carrier and development. The concept of the Team is that players are there to develop the necessary skills to become a Pro player and also to improve as a person.

Although tennis is an individual sport, and as such we work on each individuals game style, we believe that a Team approach will help players push each other to reach their full potential. The Team will also train together in doubles and develop partnerships. The Team provide full service to the Pro players as it must be.

All players that join the Tournament Team must abide by the following conditions.

  1. All players must show respect to the management team, coaches, parents and staff at training, tournaments, match plays and any other tennis event. Players must, for example, greet with ‘good morning or hello’ and ‘goodbye’. At tournaments you are representing CP Tennis and must show exemplary behaviour.
  2. Players are together as a team, they work as a team, enter tournaments as a team and will play doubles together as much as possible.
  3. All players must follow these 12 rules of basic professional standards;
  4. Be at practice before time
  5. Work ethic
  6. 100% effort at all times
  7. Positive body language
  8. High energy
  9. Have passion
  10. Be coachable
  11. Doing extra
  12. Being prepared
  13. Have intensity
  14. Be consistent
  15. Players will be given their own player journal which must be completed each day and shown to the coach before practice. Any player not completing their journal will not attend practice until such time as it is.
  16. In the journal are pre and post practice sheets, pre and post match sheets and information concerning warm up and stretching routines which players must adhere to. These must all be completed daily.
  17. In the event of disagreements, disciplinary issues and arguments, the management team will adjudicate and make the final decision.
  18. Players will be subject to a warning, dropped from sessions, face suspension or asked to leave for non-agreement to be above terms or continual infractions of these conditions

Practice Sessions

All practice sessions will start 10 minutes before the scheduled playing time for a structured dynamic warm up session. The players will perform the same warm up every day and the session will only start when all players are present. Any player who is late will miss that session. The warm up will be undertaken before every practice session.

A cool down/stretching session will take place at the end of each practice.

Players must attend all practice sessions. A player may only miss a session with the agreement of the Head Coach.