8 months and Elena at WTA!

31 Jan

Congratulations to Elena Bairashevskaya on getting the WTA ranking!!

It took Elena less than 8 months with us to become a player of a completely different class and get her first points on the WTA Tour, and then to become a WTA Tour player, having received a ranking.

Daria Shauga, Elena Bayrashevskaya, Valeria Vasilyeva who worked with us in a fairly short time of work with the team reached the top positions of the Belarusian rating, received an international rating, convincingly played their first matches in the basis of professional tournaments, which they had not even dreamed of before. For example, We sincerely cheer for their success and wish them to become the 1st racket of the world.

Good luck to you!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and new CP.by Cup 2021 champion!

12 Jan

Happy New Year to all athletes, coaches, organizers, judges, parents and officials! We wish you good health, absence of injuries, endurance, confidence, participation in tournaments and victories, victories and victories again!

Congratulations to the winner of the Grand Final of the IV CP.by Cup 2021 Elena Bairashevskaya !!!

She begins the next year in the title of the Cup champion and the holder of the challenge trophy “Rising Star”, on the plate of which her name is already flaunting, along with the names of the winners of the Cup of previous years – 2018 Alesya Yakubovich, 2019 Daria Shauga, 2020 Irina Shimanovich.
This is Elena’s strong claim for her future accomplishments and the success of her cp.tennis team and coach Robert Clark and the hard work that in less than a year has led Elena to her first professional tour-based win and an international ranking. At the moment, in the ITF Pro tour rating, Elena is ranked 19th among Belarusian women and is fighting for entry into the WTA rating. We wish her every success and achievement of her goals and, of course, victories in the WTA.