CP.tennis is a special tennis academy, in fact we are talking about the fact that we provide the services of a sports team and all the necessary infrastructure, services and support, including a personal coach for professional tour players or those who want to be. We are not talking about the fact that we invite top 100 players to us. The essence of the idea is that when you become a top 100, you will have to form your own team, and before that there are two options – invest your money in this team now and pay yourself a great coach or train in a group at some academy according to general approach. Our idea is that for the money of groups and general methods in some academy (and we offer cheaper), you get your own team from us, the same as the top 100 players have. Moreover, we work only with you and only for you. Therefore, we have only 16 seats and the maximum flexibility in considering your personal needs.

The business model of our academy does not provide for the generation of cash flow (revenue) from as many players as possible, sold time for courts and blocks of standard programs and related services. A typical academy is a huge investment (private, club or municipal), located in a remote location and requiring the creation of a whole and complete infrastructure on the spot. The disadvantage of this model is that flexibility is extremely limited and all the possibilities are determined by what is available on the spot at this academy. Such academies are, in the full sense of the word, “academies”, where “students” study according to certain technologies and methodologies, and the quality of the study of “material” depends entirely on the teacher, and not on the name on the pediment of the academy. And how many of the hundreds of such students become geniuses? We propose a different approach – in order to become a genius, you need to study and work like a genius now, and not later, when you are recognized and you start earning.

CP.tennis has its own courts and infrastructure, however, it is located right in the center of the capital of the country and uses the idea of ​​outsourcing the required additional and auxiliary services, which allows you to save costs and provide the highest possible level of specialized specialists and a set of services that is unattainable for academies, working on the “all in place” system. We consider the whole city as our campus. We have a dozen medical centers, full-scale rehabilitation centers, a wide range of equipment and instruments, any training equipment possible, and all surface options. And of course the metropolitan level of revitalitation, relaxation and entertainment. All this in a radius of 10-15 minutes and no traffic jams, which gives us the right to call the capital its campus. More details on the page “Why Belarus”.

CP.tennis is not a private initiative of any coach or their group. This is a well-established and managed socially responsible business, fully responsible to its customers. Legally, we are a sports team owned and managed by a large distribution company, Computers and Peripherals, representing the interests of companies such as HP, Hewlett Packard, Canon, etc. The management and the board of directors are well-known and respected people in this country who have the highest level of qualification in managing and building processes with work experience of 10-30 years. The sports team itself is presented on the Team page. We are constantly working to monitor the quality of our employees, search for and attract new staff and the compliance of our team with the level of the top 100 professional tennis tours.