WTA Weeks at No. 1 by country – Belarus #8.

Do you know how many ATP players from Belarus are in the top 1000 (as of summer 2020)? 5. And for example from Austria? 11. And in the WTA? 15. And from Austria? 6. Belarusian top player WTA 11th. And Austrian 137th. In ATP, Austria certainly has Dominic Tim No. 3, but the best Belarussian is 69, and the second Austrian is 85.

This is why – with such results? Tennis Europe has 14 academies in Austria and only 1 in Belarus on its list of academies. According to the TE report for 2018, the number of licensed players in Belarus is 2058, and in Austria 140753, the number of coaches BY 272/ AU 5312.

You will agree that from this point of view for your results in tennis it is quite clear why Belarus. Please ask your questions on this topic through our contact form if you want to know more.

Of course, this is not enough, so here’s another:

Our country is one of the most peaceful in the world, no revolutions, no processions, no protests, no scandals, no pogroms. Ranking in the rank of crime for Belarus is 107, while for Czech Republic is 106, for Denmark is 108, and by the way, for Austria is 110. We have police patrols everywhere, about 10% of population ensure the security of the country.

Bears do not roam the streets and eat no one, we haven’t even seen them in the forests for 40 years. Distance to the war in Ukraine – half of Europe in distance (more than Libya from Italy) and a fence on the border with our tanks that will not let anyone pass, this is a horror story. Evil police officers do not chase after everyone and do not hit him on the head with a baton simply because of boredom, and who told you this nonsense.

In politics, everything is calm. Elections and other such things do not concern our guests at all, purely internal affairs that happen once every 4 years, and at other times silence and tranquility. And the elections are also generally quiet, compared to the riots in other democracies. If you think that we have problems with freedom of speech, then this is not true. If in the USA, anyone can go to the square and scold President Trump, then here anyone can go to the square and scold President Trump and nothing will happen to him.

We have the best situation with the Covid-19. We do not have it. There is a cold. We have colds and flu every year in the winter, therefore we have immunity to Covid, but we can’t have immunity to colds, only a healthy lifestyle will help, so we have a lot of sports facilities. But there are still a lot of unconscious people, so even the President himself promotes a healthy lifestyle, plays hockey.

There are no illegal emigrants. There are no poor people. Nobody bothers you on the streets and does not sleep in the subway crossings. (by the way, we have no homeless people at all).

Awesome cuisine, you have not seen such recipes. The food is full, its quality is the highest. Belarus takes food quality very seriously.

You can safely drink tap water. Everything is clear. Flies and mosquitoes do not fly, it does not stink anywhere, there are no slums, and there are no ruins and unfinished buildings either.

People are cute and beautiful, and that they don’t smile – we have such a habit, it has remained since Soviet times. Although when they see a girl, they are smiling, and we have a lot of young girls and everyone is beautiful, like young guys, who are also many and they are beautiful too.

The capital Minsk is wide, beautiful, green and very clean and very safe. Two millions people live and there are no traffic jams, excellent transport accessibility and everything is very conveniently located, eat without problems, relax all the more, there is everything. By the way, in this sense, Minsk is better equipped than many European capitals. Taxis are the cheapest, you can drive the whole city for $ 5.

Two water parks, many parks, velodrom, ice palaces, tennis courts, swiminng pools, 10 museums, 25 cinemas etc, etc. You can watch our partner youtube channel Wonder of Belarus to see ans get more.

The climate is temperate, not hot in summer, not cold in winter. The weather is very diverse during the season, it will be very interesting for you to see all the natural phenomena. And we have everything under control, no problems with natural disasters, even if they happen, but they don’t happen, the tornado doesn’t take down the house and from 5 cm of snow on the street we never have paralysis. As well, and from 50 cm. We are very fond of SUVs.

We have our own inland sea, a lot of clear lakes, long rivers, amazing wildlife, beautiful forests and all of this you can safely walk without fences and prohibitions, put up tents wherever you want.

Medical care of the highest quality and at the same time very cheap, for example, MRI costs $ 50, treats a tooth 25, an hour of massage 10 $. All doctors and all specialties, any medical equipment of the best modern world class. By the way, there is such a topic as medical tourism, to fly to live and make teeth is cheaper than on the spot in some countries.

And Minsk is the capital of sports. If you want to know more, ask your questions on this topic through our contact form or call us or write to any messenger