Each educational institution teaches students what it teaches them. In an art school they teach to draw, in a construction college to build. Imagine that you want to be an artist, you come to an art school and you are taught to draw in order for you to enter a construction college and then build houses all your life. Why not start building right away?

Even more stupid is the situation when you study for money as an artist and have to be such a wonderful artist and pay a lot of money so that you can then study as a builder for free.
Is it funny? And what does tennis academies take pride in (!!!) – so many % of our students who pay us money are taken to universities (not sports, of course, but for example in economics) and they study there for free, because they play well varsity tennis. So what is being taught – to be an artist or a builder?

Two more things we propose to think about –

  1. Do you know how much a five-year education in a good university costs and how much it costs 10 years to train a good tennis player? Compare at least the annual cost of both.
  2. Do you know that US varsity players are not allowed to be professionals, they cannot play on any professional tour?

    There is always an objection – tennis will end someday and then what to do? The answer is simple – to make tennis your profession and / or get another profession after it ends, or not to engage in nonsensend not waste time, but immediately get another education and profession. Or have you dreamed of finishing all 10 years of your tennis training at the age of 18 and becoming a builder or artist?

    Professional – these words come from the word profession. In the profession, you must be the best, always strive for excellence. Playing tennis for another profession is like having two higher educations, but you don’t need one of them. Everyone around, and even the player himself, knows this, and it is not dreams (purposeful activity) that arise, but dreams (a miracle will happen and I will become the first racket of the world). And as a result, both you and your academy and your coach are wasting both time and money – no one is preparing you for the first racket of the world. Enough and getting into the university team.

    So where do you want to be at the age of 18-20 – in the arena of the most prestigious tournament possible or in the second year of a prestigious university? Decide. Both same time this and that will not work – or you will be a bad tennis player or a bad university graduate. And after him you can’t return to the arena, that’s life.

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