The tournament series of IV Cup 2021 is over. The Final ahead!

09 Dec, which slogan is CP TENNIS ACADEMY TEAM – FROM TEENS TO WTA/ATP PRO TOUR TENNIS PLAYERS is organizer of the annual Cup in tennis among athletes (women) of national and international ratings, summed up the results of the annual tournament series. In the IV Cup in 2021, 11 tournaments in the Cup rating standings determined the 8 strongest players of the Cup out of 34 tournament participants aged 15 to 21 years.

At the same time, only 5 girls won intermediate tournaments – 5 times Daria Shauga (ITF 1259, born in 2003, Solnechny), 3 times Elena Bairashevskaya (ITF 1758, born in 2001,, and once a victory on the account of Valentina Efremova (BTF 15, born in 2004, Smena), Anna Vinogradova (WTA 1553, born in 2003, RCOP) and Yulia Yurkova (BTF 41, born in 2006, Vitebsk).
The final table of the overall standings and the grid of all tournaments – here.
On December 17, the Final of the IV Cup begins, in which the 8th best players of the tournament series qualified. They will play a circular grid on courts and the winner of the Final will become the winner of the IV Cup and the winner of the challenge trophy, on the plate of which the names of the winners of the Cup of previous years are already flaunting – 2018 Alesya Yakubovich, 2019 Daria Shauga, 2020 Irina Shimanovich.
Who will be the winner of this season? Do not forget that in case of refusal of any of the best 8s, applications for the final from the players of the Cup rating will be accepted, and a wild card can also be issued to any other player.

We congratulate all the participants of the IV Cup with a worthy participation in this season, we are glad for your successes in international tournaments and invite you to our tournaments next year! Coaching is allowed at tournaments and this is a great opportunity to train and prepare for serious starts! Those who do not play tournaments do not win them.